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The importance of a professional club fitting 

Checking loft and lies is a must if you want to make good contact with the golf ball. Our club fitter will be able to determine and identify what changes are needed to your clubs to make it easier to get a consistent strike. 


With the correct shaft and flex, you will also improve your distance and your dispersion will minimize significantly. 

You will learn a lot throughout the fitting and how club specifications can influence your ball flight and what adjustments need to be made to improve your game. 


The club adapts it's self to the player, not the player to the golf club. 

 Many players believe that they are not good enough to have a club fitting, that it will not benefit their game or that it is only for the pros and way out of ones budget. These are all huge misconceptions. If you are an avid golfer, there is no better time to sign up for a fitting with our master club fitter to design the best golf clubs for you to match your needs. 

Talk to one of our experts and get fitted now!

 Custom Fitting 

The numbers don't lie  


Custom fitting enhances performance and it is a vital part of lowering your scores. Many avid golfers who understand the importance of club fitting know that it is a much better investment than buying  golf clubs straight ´off the shelf´ . 

One of our experts will guide you through the process ensuring a pleasant experience to find what combinations of shaft and club heads are most suitable to you. 

With the help of Trackman 4 technology we are able to better understand what components of the ball flight need to be improved. The launch monitors provide us with quantifiable data that we can then analyse each and every shot struck in each session. 

3 hours


9 holes + practice

Includes practice on the range and on course lesson with Trackman


5 hours


18 holes and practice  

Includes practice on the range and on course lesson with Trackman 



Golf Course Aerial Shot

Two of the major key components that determine the direction and how the ball flies is Loft and Lie. 

The loft of the club is measured from the ground to the club face and each club has a different loft. The loft determines how far the ball goes and what trajectory your ball flight will have. Your driver will have about 10 degrees and will fly the furthest. 

It is important to know exactly how much loft each one of your clubs has exactly to minimise the gapping in your set of clubs to be more consistent. 

The lie angle of the club is a key component to determine the direction of your ball flight. The lie angle is the angle created between the ground and your shaft. 

It is important to know that loft and lies can change over time and need to be checked regularly. 

We can modify your loft and lies in our studio and help you get better results instantly. 

Club Torque

Golf Bags

Believe it or not, your club exerts an enormous force in the golf swing and is therefore designed to twist throughout the swing. Torque is defined by how much your shaft is prone to twisting. A high torque golf shaft will twist more than a low torque shaft. 

There are different shafts on the market, some being steel and some being graphite.


Our experts will asses you to find what combination of shaft and club head suits you best.  


Golf Balls






1 hour  



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