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Leticia Ras-ANDERICA

I was born in Alicante, Spain, to a German mother and English/Spanish father and so grew up as a native speaker of all three languages.

I hit my first golf ball at the age of four and as so many others do, I followed in my parents´ footsteps and I found competing a lot of fun.

There were two things which I enjoyed: art and sport. So I attended High School in Spain, finished the British Curriculum and went to College at the University of Miami, Florida, USA on a full scholarship where I obtained my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with 120 credits in 2015 when I was 20 years old. During the four years in Miami I played golf on the national college team where I competed at a high amateur level, playing throughout the USA.

In September 2015 I turned Pro and obtained my full card on the Ladies European Tour and the Chinese LPGA. I went on to play these tours for 2 years where I was awarded "Rookie of the year" award. In 2017 I gained status on the LPGA through Q-school where I began my season in Hawaii. I am currently a member of all tours and play around the world.

I feel very passionate about growing women’s golf. I believe that as a touring professional, one of my many roles is to promote the game for women and young girls. Golf has lead me to travel, meeting thousands of people around the world from different cultures and walks of life. Golf has given me endless opportunities from a very young age. It has enabled me to get a scholarship in America and attend a very prestigious University. Through golf I have been able to connect with people and I have created some long lasting friendships and everlasting memories. 


I have been very fortunate to have worked with multiple swing coaches throughout my career which has lead me to understand the game to a deeper level. 

Now I wish to help others achieve their golfing goals and share my knowledge and experiences. 

To find out more about me visit my personal website: 


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